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Tutorials Overview

The Redux core docs site at contains the primary tutorials for learning Redux, including how to use Redux Toolkit and React-Redux together.


To avoid duplicating explanations between the Redux core and Redux Toolkit documentation, we've focused on making the Redux core docs tutorials comprehensive, and point to them instead of having extended tutorials here in the Redux Toolkit docs.

See these linked tutorials to learn how to use Redux Toolkit effectively.

Redux Toolkit Quick Starts

The Redux Toolkit Quick Start tutorial briefly shows how to add and use Redux Toolkit in a React application.

If you just want the fastest way to get a basic example running, read the Quick Start tutorial.

We also have a TypeScript Quick Start tutorial that briefly shows how to set up and use TypeScript with Redux Toolkit and React-Redux.

If you are using Next.js we have a tutorial specific to using Redux Toolkit with Next.js Next.js tutorial.

Redux Essentials: A Real-World Example

The Redux Essentials tutorial teaches you "how to use Redux the right way", using Redux Toolkit as the standard approach for writing Redux logic.

It shows how to build a "real-world" style example application, and teaches Redux concepts along the way.

If you've never used Redux before, and just want to know "how do I use this to build something useful?", start with the Redux Essentials tutorial.

Redux Fundamentals: Redux from the Ground Up

The Redux Fundamentals tutorial teaches "how Redux works, from the bottom up", by showing how to write Redux code by hand and why standard usage patterns exist. It then shows how Redux Toolkit simplifies those Redux usage patterns.

Since Redux Toolkit is an abstraction layer that wraps around the Redux core, it's helpful to know what RTK's APIs are actually doing for you under the hood. If you want to understand how Redux really works and why RTK is the recommended approach, read the Redux Fundamentals tutorial.

Learn Modern Redux Livestream

Redux maintainer Mark Erikson appeared on the "Learn with Jason" show to explain how we recommend using Redux today. The show includes a live-coded example app that shows how to use Redux Toolkit and React-Redux hooks with Typescript, as well as the new RTK Query data fetching APIs.

See the "Learn Modern Redux" show notes page for a transcript and links to the example app source.

Using Redux Toolkit

The RTK Usage Guide docs page explains the standard usage patterns for each of RTK's APIs. The API Reference section describes each API function and has additional usage examples.

The Redux Essentials tutorial also shows how to use each of the APIs while building an application.

RTK Query Video Course

If you prefer a video course, you can watch this RTK Query video course by Lenz Weber-Tronic, the creator of RTK Query, for free at Egghead or take a look at the first lesson right here:

Migrating Vanilla Redux to Redux Toolkit

If you already know Redux and just want to know how to migrate an existing application to use Redux Toolkit, the "Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit" page in the Redux Fundamentals tutorial shows how RTK's APIs simplify Redux usage patterns and how to handle that migration.

Using Redux Toolkit with TypeScript

The RTK docs page on Usage with TypeScript shows the basic pattern for setting up Redux Toolkit with TypeScript and React, and documents specific TS patterns for each of the RTK APIs.

In addition, the Redux + TS template for Create-React-App comes with RTK already configured to use those TS patterns, and serves as a good example of how this should work.

Legacy Redux Toolkit Tutorials

We previously had a set of "Basic/Intermediate/Advanced" tutorials directly in the Redux Toolkit docs. They were helpful, but we've removed them in favor of pointing to the "Essentials" and "Fundamentals" tutorials in the Redux core docs.

If you'd like to browse the old tutorials, you can see the content files in our repo's history:

Redux Toolkit repo: legacy "Basic/Intermediate/Advanced" tutorial files